Time of the year

December - February

These are the hottest months of the year - however there is very little temperature range in Uganda with temps ranging throughout the year between 15 and 25 degrees through the year. These are also considered drier months but in the highland forest areas you can expect rain at anytime of the year, for the North of the country in the Kidepo Valley this is usually more arid so little rain expected at this time.

March - May

These are the wettest times of the year but it is still within the average temperature range, for gorilla trekking it can be challenging doing it at this time but still possible and with far less people around. Sometimes road and air transfers can be delayed if there is heavy rain around so you may need to be a bit more flexible on your travel times and expectations.

June – Aug

These for the South of the country are also drier months and a good time to do any of the forest hikes and see the Savanah parks like Queen Elizabeth, but for the North of the country this is when they get their rains so parks like Kidepo can be quite wet but it is not a high rainfall area so there will be dry days in between the rains.

Sept – Nov

This time of year is another wet period for the country but on average not quite as wet with the odd dry day in between. Can be a good time to go on safari especially in September when the rains are just starting and migrant birds are starting to arrive into Africa.