Time of the year

January to March

These are the main summer rainy season months for this part of Africa, which means also the time when Cyclones often come down the Mozambique Channel. These can be quite devastating and cause major damage which can effect access in and out especially along the coastal areas.

April – May

You can still experience some rain at this time but usually quite limited, if at all. These months mark the start of the bush drying out and the beginning of the long dry spell that will go through to November. The bush is usually quite thick at this time so sightings can be difficult but the animals are still there and you can have huge wild areas all to yourself which is excellent in itself and you can get some great accommodation specials. Parks like Gorongosa will have very limited road network though depending on the quantity of rain that fell.

June – Aug

The dry winter season is well set in by this time of year, the vegetation is thinning out and wildlife becoming more focused on particular feeding and watering areas. This is the height of winter as well and the mornings and evenings can be surprisingly cold but Mozambique is in general warmer and more humid as it is a very low lying country with a warm sea current along the coast. However the further inland and South you go the colder it will be.

Sept – Oct

These months are when the temperatures start to climb and the wildlife concentrates at the last available feeding and watering sites. September is probably the best of these months from a temperature perspective as October can be really hot during the day going towards the 40 degrees Celsius mark and the humidity will be quite high as well along the coast. At this time many species of tree start to flower and migratory birds start arriving so a good time for the birders.

Nov – Dec

These months are really hot during the day and it’s when we expect to see our first rains and the incredible change that happens almost immediately. This transformation brings with it the drama of tropical rain and lightning storms, amazing cloudscapes, clear dustless skies and many of the animal species begin their birthing. This can be one of the most beautiful times to be in the bush and often you can get some good special accommodation rates. Its an excellent time as well if you enjoy your birds along the coastline and in some of the forested areas.