Time of the year

January to February

Congo is mostly a hot and humid environment being right on the equator, and you should expect rain at any time of year, however there are some variations throughout the year. These months are considered drier and sit between longer wet periods.

March - April

This is a short wet period in the Congo weather pattern but the rains can be a little more intermittent at this time and does give nice clear skies in between the periods of rain. The temperatures will be a little cooler when it rains but still be prepared for hot and humid conditions.

May - August

These are considered the dry months for Congo although rain can always be expected, the only downside here is that it can get quite smokey in the atmosphere and being quite cloudy so not ideal for photography but does give easier access.

Sept – Dec

These are the hotter months and when the main rains for the Congo fall. Although it can limit some of your activity timing it can produce some spectacular rain scenes and often there can be bluse skies and clear light in between. A challenging time that can be very rewarding.