Time of the year

Jan - Feb

For Zakouma these are the winter months and when the park is drying out and for the most part accessible all over. In terms of temperatures these are excellent months to be on safari here as its nice and cool even cold at night and in the morning and warm during the day. Its also very good for the birders as many of the migrant species from Africa and the Palearctic are here at this time.

March - April

These are the hot times of year where at times in the middle of the day the temperatures can be quite oppressive, but it does cool off at night, the plus side is that the game viewing can be exceptional as everything concentrates on the drying rivers and wetlands. The concentrations of birds and animals is unbelievable at this time.

May to Oct

These are the wet summer months in Chad and Zakouma National Park is inaccessible at this time of year however you would be able to visit the northern areas of the country but many operators would advise against this as the heat is very difficult for people to contend with.

Nov – Dec

These are the months when going to the North of the country in the Ennedi Massif is really good and has the advantage of less wind and dust storms in the desert. For Zakouma November is challenging as many of the roads are still not accessible although it is possible to visit the Park. In December much more of the park is open and the birding and game viewing is becoming better and better.