Things to Know


Most major International Airlines from Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas have a direct link with South Africa, primarily through Johannesburg. Cape Town and Durban also have limited International Flights arriving from regional destinations and further afield.

Current Airlines arriving in South Africa

This is a long list so best to say that all of the major African Airlines with direct links to Europe land here. The big carriers from the Middle East land here. The large European Airlines all come here if not them selves they will be on code share agreements through the Alliance network. Delta and American Airlines from the USA also land in South Africa.


South Africa has more recorded cases of COVID than any other African country - however they have done more testing than others. They have constant updates on the situation in the countries provinces and cities so they adjust Lockdown rules in response to the situation regularly. Currently their borders remain closed for International travel but limited domestic toursim is allowed.


South Africa has a well established passenger network between the major cities and also commuter trains in Johannesburg and Cape Town, so it is possible to travel around South Africa by rail.

Self Drive

The country has a good network of roads and a number of border posts that allow access from all its neighbouring countries, vehicle hire is available locally and there is a large menu of vehicles and companies available for this service including equipped off road vehicles, these can be collected at the arrival airport and we can do these arrangements for you. In all of South Africa's National Parks there is clean and tidy accommodation in campsites or fully equipped cottages that are available to you.