Things to Know


The Main International airport is in Brazzaville - it is a reasonable and quite new airport with the big airlines of Africa coming in and Air France - Currently however it is closed to International tourist traffic as a result of the COVID situation

Current Airlines arriving in Rep of Congo

South African Airways (Via Johannesburg ) – Air France (via Paris) – Ethiopian Airlines ( Via Addis Ababa ) – Emirates ( via Dubai ) – Rwanda Air ( via Kigali )


As with many countries in this area their land and water borders are very porous and difficult to control for foot traffic outside of the established ports of entry so people do move freely in remote areas and the COVID problem is here and more problematic in big centres like Brazzaville and Pointe Noire. For International tourists the borders are closed until further notice.


There is no rail service that can be used by tourists visiting the Republic of Congo

Self Drive

There are some beautiful new roads around the country and it is possible to get to some of the remote areas driving - however I would not reccomend doing this on your own you should have a local Congolese driver to drive you as there are numerous road blocks set up by various officials that will need at times some discussion to get through so local knowledge is important.