Things to Know


This is really the only way to get here arriving into Ndjamena. From here we arrange charter flights to reach the main destinations for tourists being Zakouma and the Enneddi Plateau. There is a local commercial airline which has recently started operations and seems to operating regularly and is an option for reaching the Enneddi Plateau.

Current Airlines arriving in Chad

The Main Airlines arriving into Ndjamena – are Air France – via Paris, Ethiopian Airlines – via Addis Abbaba or Doala, Royal Air Maroc – Via Casablanca, Air Cameroon via Luande.


Chad closed their borders very early on, so infection rates have reportedly been very low however it is difficult to get accurate information on the real situation. The borders are however open to International travellers that are coming for work or business to Chad. They are not issuing tourist Visa at this time so we are unable to offer any safaris there at the moment but this will change and we are watching to see as soon as this changes.

Safety and Security

When you read about Chad and it's security situation the major area of concern is around the Lake Chad area where the Chadian military have a big presence and quite regular conflict with Boko Haram insurgents from Nigeria. Chad is however a huge country so this area of concern we avoid and it is a long way from where we go on safari. When you arrive in Ndjamena you will see that they take security seriously and there are many layers of security at the airport when you arrive and depart. There is also at the main airport the French and American armies who have a permanent presence here and base their operations for the Sahel area from here. All of this has been complicated in recent days by the untimely death of their president and the political upheaval this causes. Their is a quasi government supervised by the militay in place so that they conduct elections in Oct 2022. At present they continue to have the support of the French Government and all seems calm at the moment but we will be monitoring the situation and advise accordingly.

Self Drive

There are few roads in Chad so although it is possible to drive around here we don’t recommend that this is something you should do on your own. You should use local companies that are experienced in this and know the best villages and routes to see. The most popular place for people to visit is the Enneddi Plateau, and it is also possible to drive into Zakouma as well.