Safari Ideas

These are park and area combinations that we feel work well together but we are not fixed to this and can adjust the safari to your specific requirements. Just let us know what you feel seems right and we can discuss and price.

Family Safaris

Taking a family on safari is an excellent idea and Ethiopia is an excellent option, especially for parents wanting to expose their kids to incredible ancient living cultures and important historical  sites. There are some beautiful hiking trails as well which more active families will enjoy.

Wildlife Focused

The main areas that people visit for wildlife are The Simien Mountains and Bale Mountains National Parks inside these, there is a good variety of endemic bird, plant and animal species. The key species that people look for are the Gelada Baboons, Simien Wolves, Mennelick's Bushbuck and Walia Ibex along with a number of specific birds like Blue winged ducks. There is also Gambella National Park which is Ethiopia's largest and where it is possible to witness Africa's second largest migration of the White Eared Kob. there are many other typical African species like elephants and buffalos, however access here is difficult with few roads so the best access is by Helicopter.

The North of Ethiopia - Culture, History, Geography and Wildlife

In the North of Ethiopia is where you will find your main Coptic Christian Sites - the most famous being Lalibela, the historical city of Axum and Gondar with its beautiful castles and spectacular painted churches. This can all be combined into one trip and then you could add in the Simien Mountains for some wildlife viewing and hikes especially looking for the Gelada Baboons. Further to the East you have the lowest place on dry Earth the Danakil Depression with its incredible geographic features that include ancient salt lakes, sulphur springs and active volcanoes.

The South of Ethiopia - Culture and Wildlife

In the Rift Valley down in the South of Ethiopia is where you have the living Anthropological Museum of the Omo River Valley where there are a number of African tribes that still live a very traditional lifestyle with fascinating ceremonies and adornments, like the Mursi tribe with their lip plates and The Hamar tribe with their bull jumping ceremony. In the Bale Mountains this is where you have a host of endemic bird, animal and plant species in this high mountainous area sculpted by millenia of glaciation.