Safari Ideas

These are park and area combinations that we feel work well together but we are not fixed to this and can adjust the safari to your specific requirements. Just let us know what you feel seems right and we can discuss and price.

5 Nights

This would be the minimum number of nights that I think could be done in Zakouma, you will need to allocate at least 1 night in Ndjamena to fit the transfer timings. So you would have 4 Nights in Zakouma.

Zakouma National Park with Doug Macdonald

Zakouma is a must see destination in Africa and an amazing success story of an intact and resurected eco system that is an on going story well worth supporting and seeing. Doug has done many safaris here so you will enjoy his experience in getting the most from this incredible National Park

14 Nights

This length of time could either be completely dedicated to the Enneddi Plateau and take in this vast and virtually untravelled area. The same could apply to Zakouma - you will really enjoy the extra time here to take it all in. Or you could combine the 2 with a safari that looks like this. 1 Nights Ndjamena - 6 Nights Enneddi - 7 Nights Zakouma