Parks and Places

Chad is the new must see safari destination of Africa, the main focus for visitors here is Zakouma National Park in the South and the Ennedi Plateau in the North East. Completely different from one another and extraordinary


This is the capital of Chad and sits on the banks of the Chari River - The river that starts in the South of the country and flows into Lake Chad much further North. Your view across the Chari River is into Cameroon. As African cities go it is quite a small city but it is developing and growing. There is not a lot to do here but there are some places of interest like the National Museum and on certain days you can watch the local horse racing and there are a some street markets.

The Enneddi Massif

Situated in the North East of Chad - this vast area has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site becuase of the ancient petroglyphs and the incredible sand stone formations. It is possible to travel around here with an organised safari and you have the chance of seeing some of the last surviving desert adapted species like Barbary Sheep and Scimitar Oryx and the incredible West African Crocodiles living in isolated water bodies where herds of camels come to drink.

Zakouma National Park

An amazing safari destination with an overwhelming volume of wildlife and birds that makes it quite unique. There is only one safari camp here so you have the park basically to yourself and flexibility to do game drives, bush walks, off road game viewing and night drives. Some of the species here that you can expect to see are Tiang, Red Fronted Gazelle, Bohor Reedbuck, Central African Savannah Buffalo, Kordofan's Giraffe, Buffon's Kob, Roan Antelope, Defassa Waterbuck,Elephant, Lions, and Leopard.