Where to go

There are many countries in Africa that offer a Safari experience, but each country will have something unique to offer

Planning Your First Safari

There are a number of different safari experiences and types of camps that can be enjoyed during a safari to Africa, these are important to understand before trying to find the safari that fits you.

Before you go

This will give you some ideas and information on what to consider and pack before setting off on your safari to Africa.

Safaris in Africa and COVID considerations

Most countries in Africa that offer a wildlife safari option, have kept their airports and borders open for foreign tourist arrivals. It is now the requirements for entry that is all changing quickly for the requirement of PCR tests. As we learn how to live with COVID, many African countries are now only requiring that you arrive with a valid Vaccination Certificate. If you do not have this then you will need to have the PCR test which typically has to be done 48 - 72hrs prior to arrival. You should however consider what the requirements are for your return home as globally it is still a mixed bag of requirements. You should also make sure that your travel insurance caters for the possibility of a positive result which may require you going into quarantine before being retested. In most countries if you do need to go into quarantine they now have dedicated hotels that are set aside for this so you should be quite comfortable, but this will need to be paid for at the time and then you can claim back from your insurance when you get home.

COVID - Postponement or Cancellations

This is something that the travel industry in Africa is doing its best to be as flexible as possible with. In normal times it was typical that your deposit was non refundable and then depending on the timing of a cancellation prior to departure, there was a sliding scale of cancellation refunds. This is no longer the case and most good safari camps and operators are offering very flexible terms for the deposits and likewise for refunds, first prize will always be to having you reschedule the safari but some are offering full refunds if you can not travel because of COVID related issues, either the border maybe closed, or you test positive just prior to flight to your safari. We will let you know on a case by case scenario when planning and booking your safari what the camps are offering for your safari. It is also important to consider what travel insurance is available to you as well as many of these products now include COVID related clauses.

Gonarezhou Mobile Safaris with Doug Macdonald

We now proud to be able to offer our own mobile tented camps and also using the semi permanent " Mananga Camps " within Gonarezhou National Park. This is an incredibly diverse National Park and can be a safari destination all on its own. It is part of one the largest protected areas in Africa - The Great Limpopo Trans-frontier Park. Gonarezhou is certainly getting the attention of the conservation and tourism community so come and be a part of this truly positive story.

Zakouma National Park with Doug Macdonald

I will be conducting set date safaris to Zakouma again for next year - Feb and March 2023. Each group is 6 guests so please get in touch if you would like to see this amazing environment with so much variety and volume of everything. Space is filling up so please let me know if you are interested and we can hold a safari place for you. If you would like a tailor-made private safari option to Zakouma we can do that as well, just let us know and we can work it all out for you.

“Every safari will always have its own special sighting or scene that makes each safari unique to you”

Doug Macdonald