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While American by birth, I moved to Harare, Zimbabwe and could not be happier.  I love sharing my passion for Africa and helping safari enthusiasts or first timers plan their perfect trip to Africa.  My job satisfaction comes from picking just the right place to give you the experience you are looking for – I’ve learned it’s not all about how fancy the table setting is or the thread count on the linens.  It is about the feeling you have when you drive into camp and the experiences you come away with when you drive away!  

No two trips are the same.  I hope my adventures travelling around Africa and my passion for discovering new parts of ourselves through travel can help you find just the right combination of places and experiences to leave you wanting more next year!

I fell in love with Africa in 1997 on the drive from the airstrip to my very first camp in the African bush.  This was quite inconvenient, since I had a wonderful job managing a company in Los Angeles and a life I really enjoyed.  After eight years of travelling on safari to different countries in Africa, I finally raised the white flag and surrendered – I quit my job and moved to Zanzibar, Tanzania for 5 magical months.  My time in Zanzibar convinced me I really belonged in Africa and had not suffered a bout of temporary insanity.  

I packed up my things in Los Angeles and moved to Arusha, Tanzania, where I managed sales and reservations for a top safari company.  This gave me the opportunity to travel around Tanzania and learn what makes for an exceptional guest experience – both behind the scenes and from a wildlife perspective.  Then I got brave and started a company with a colleague consulting for various tourism companies, which I truly enjoyed for several years.  I trained staff from various companies, putting in place new systems to improve the guest experience and the paper flow.

Zimbabwe has always been my personal favorite, because of the intimate wildlife experience that is possible here.  There is nothing like crouching down behind a termite mound and watching an elephant pass silently in front, oblivious to your presence just a few feet away!  Once Zimbabwe turned a corner in 2009, I kept a close eye on things and hatched my plan to move from Tanzania to Zimbabwe.

There are so many highlights in Africa – the Great Migration in Tanzania and Kenya, gorillas in Uganda and Rwanda, chimpanzees in Gombe and Mahale, endless sand dunes in Namibia, the annual flooding of the Okavango delta in Botswana, diving with sharks & wine tasting in South Africa, the rivers of Zambia, walking with rhinos, elephants and just about every other animal in Zimbabwe to exploring the forests in the Congo, CAR and DRC – the list is endless...   We want to help you experience it all!.

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