Time of the year



Safari Ideas

January to February

For Zakouma this is the time when the park has dried out enough to make most areas accessible and the game viewing is concentrating along the main watercourses and wetland areas. The temperatures are quite pleasant as well so a good time to be here if you battle with high heat.

March to May

These are the really hot months and you should expect the temperatures to be oppressive at times. However in Zakouma this is when the wildlife viewing is at its most intense as the everything has to move into the park and where the water is. A top time to be on safari here. By Mid April into May is when the rains start so I suggest being here beforer the end of April. For the Enneddi this is a time of year when the winds can be blowing hard so dust storms can make the xperience here quite uncomfortable but dramatic. Enneddi is better Dec to February

Nov - Dec

These are the cooler months and when Zakouma starts to reopen after the rains. Also a good time to see Enneddi. Zakouma is very pretty at this time as the air is generally clearer and the game viewing is more general across the Park as opposed to be concentrated at the last available water points and the cooler weather is a bonus.