Time of the year

January to March

These are the main summer rainy season months for this part of Africa, and some of the parks become inaccessible like Mana Pools and for those with access the road network might be quite limited like Gonarezhou National Park. It is however an excellent time to see the parks when animals, birds and plants are at their best and parks like Hwange on the Kalahari sands are fantastic. I really enjoy this time of year and I do recommend doing it as a complete contrast to the usual dry conditions that people see.

Sept - Oct

These months are when the temperatures start to climb and the wildlife concentrates at the last available feeding and watering sites. September is probably the best of these months from a temperature perspective as October can be really hot during the day going towards the 40 degrees Celsius mark in the low altitude parks like Mana Pools and Gonarezhou, but it does cool off at night time. At this time many species of tree start to flower and migratory birds start arriving. For some, these are the best months to be on safari to see the drama before the rains or the spectacle of nature when the first rains arrive.

April - May

You can still experience some rain at this time but usually quite limited, if at all. These months mark the start of the bush drying out and the beginning of the long dry spell that will go through to October. The bush is usually quite thick at this time so sightings can be difficult but the animals are still there and you can have huge wild areas all to yourself which is excellent in itself and you can get some great accommodation specials. This is when camps are starting to re-open depending on how much rain fell during the rain season.

November - December

A time of year that can create some of the most epic scenes as building thunderstorms roll across the dry and dusty landscapes, the lightning and fresh smell of rain. The environment in all its various forms respond with great speed with any rain that falls in these dry areas and if your timing is right can be a tremendously rewarding time to be on safari.

June - Aug

The dry winter season is well set in by this time of year, the vegetation is thinning out and wildlife becoming more focused on particular feeding and watering areas. This is the height of winter as well and the mornings and evenings can be surprisingly cold so you’ll make good use of the camp fire at night, but during the day the temperatures warm up to the mid twenties Celsius and the skies are generally always clear and blue. A really popular time to be on safari.