Time of the year

January to April

These are the main summer rainy season months for this part of Africa and this Island can be paticualrly badly effected by Cyclones especially in the North of the country. As the roads in many cases around Madacasgar are bad in the dry months the wet months can make travel here extremely challenging. You will have however the tourist areas mostly to yourself, if you can get there.

May - July

These are the winter months on Madagascar and although there maybe some rain around in the wetter forest areas, it is mostly clear skies warm days and cold nights. In early May you are mostly outside of the main tourist visting times so you can still enjoy relative peace on the beaches and park areas being quite quiet.

July to September

These are the most popular months for people to visit Madacasgar. The days and nights are warm, not too hot yet and a highlight is seeing the humpback whales that come through here at this time of year while sitting on one of the beautiful beaches. September is also a good month to look for some of the retiles of Madagascar as thye become more active with the warmer temperatures.

Oct to Dec

These are the hot dry months although you should not be surprised if there is some rain around - but the main highlight at this time is Baby Lemurs! this is when the little ones are being born and a must see for any lemur fan!