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International flights arrive at Harare, Bulawayo and Victoria Falls. Harare and Vic Falls are both linked well with regional hubs like Johannesburg, Addis Ababa, Nairobi, Kigali, Lusaka and Kasane Between various parks it does in some cases make sense to fly and in Zimbabwe there is a well established number of air charter companies that we use for this that fly light aircraft of various sizes. Some of the more popular routes are available on a seat rate basis which does help costs.

Current Airlines arriving in Zimbabwe

Ethiopian Airlines (Via Addis Ababa)- Kenya Airways (via Nairobi) – Emirates (via Dubai) – Rwanda Air (via Kigali) – Fastjet.- ( via Johannesburg) - Mackair from Kasane - Qatar ( Via Lusaka),- Airlink - (Via Johanesburg) - Eurowings - (Via Windhoek) Airlines are increasing their networks around the region as travel restrictions have eased and demand increases, so we can look at options available for your safari.


Zimbabwe has followed the general conditions that most countries have now for entry and departure, which means you will need a valid Covid vaccination card with the current booster shots. If you do not have this then a negative PCR test done no more than 48hours prior to arrival is needed. For departure the authorities will follow the requirements needed for your destination country.


The only Passenger service currently running efficiently is on Rovos Rail from Pretoria in South Africa to Victoria Falls – the journey is 3 days and is a luxury service that includes a game drive when you pass Hwange National Park and goes via Bulawayo

Self Drive

The country has a good network of roads and a number of border posts that allow access from all its neighbouring countries, vehicle hire is available locally although there is no one currently offering equipped off road vehicles, these should be hired through South Africa, Botswana or Zambia. We can do these arrangements for you. In all of our National Parks there is clean and tidy accommodation in campsites or fully equipped cottages that are available to you. You can also hire a National Parks game scout to accompany you in the area or take you for bush walks.

Cash and Cards

Zimbabwe is trying to work out a new plan as to how to stabilize its financial situation and make it a more usual set of circumstances that you would find elsewhere. What is trying to be achieved is that for all transactions in the country you would use the local money and US$ transactions purely for external payments and trade.So we are often confronted by a new set of rules on the way to this that come at very short notice and catch travellers and operators by surprise. However that said US$ cash is still king and as long as you have this there will be a plan for you to pay especially in Victoria Falls where all transactions still really happen in US$. Where you may run into problems is if you are hoping to pay for any services or entry fees using a Credit / Debit Card, not all suppliers have the card machines that can handle international cards or you may be told "The network is a problem" So using cards can be a little hit and miss - also using cards to withdraw local or foreign money through ATM's is at the moment an option but this could change This is an evolving situation so we will advise on current circumstances near to your travel date.