Things to Know


The Main airports that you can plan your holiday around to arrive into Zambia are Livingstone Airport and Lusaka Airport. As Zambia is a big country it does make sense in some cases to link the parks and places using either their domestic scheduled flights or charter flights that link the main towns with the National Parks.

Current Airlines arriving in Zambia

International Airlines arriving into Zambia at Lusaka are – Emirates, Ethiopian Airlines, Rwanda Air, Kenya Airways and Pro Flight. This is an evolving stuation as airlines re organise their routes as more countries re-open so please ask and we can advise what is best for you.


Zambia as with many African countries has few recorded cases of COVID however it is difficult to know how prevalent it actually is. Zambia has announced recently that it's borders are open to International tourism and as with many they are requiring the COVID PCR test done 14 days prior to travel. As with all countries the COVID rules and regulations can change at short notice so please ask for current situation.


The only reliable passenger service that you could use to arrive in Zambia would be Rovos Rail from Pretoria in South Africa, this comes through Zimbabwe to Victoria Falls. Or the Tazara Railway line that comes across Tanzania and arrives in the centre of Zambia at Kapiri Mposhi, it does operate with reasonable regularity but don’t rely on the scheduled timing, so make sure you have flexibility within your itinerary.

Self Drive

Zambia is linked by paved roads with all of its neighbouring countries – some of these roads however are main cargo trucking routes and have some badly maintained areas which can be challenging and there are some very good new roads as well. If you travel off these main routes though, road conditions will require experienced off road drivers to navigate them. Most of the roads in Zambia have a regular spacing of villages and towns along the roads so you will certainly see a very colourful side of life in Zambian villages as you travel.