Things to Know

International Flights

Entebbe is the main international airport for Uganda, it has a few International Airlines using it as a destination which makes getting here reasonably easy. The main airlines are British Airways, KLM, Brussels Airlines, Emirates and Qatar Airways. You also have the main African airlines using it Kenyan, Ethiopian and SAA

Chimp and Gorilla Trekking

This is an amazing experience and Uganda does this very well, however you should be well prepared for this with right clothing and level of fitness to give you the best experience. These extraordinary primates live in mountainous areas that are heavily forested and wet, this makes it quite challenging and it can be a long hike there and back on muddy trails. There is an age restriction of 15years to do this activity and rangers are very conscious of the potential for human diseases to infect these primates so you will not be allowed to hike that day if you are sick.

Air Transfers in Uganda

It is possible to travel around Uganda between the main parks and areas using either a scheduled local service or it is possible to charter flights that can suit your safari timing better. There are not many airstrips around Uganda for these flights becuase of the nature of the terrain so you may sometimes they may not be able to land close to your lodge. We can advise you on this.

Entry Requirements

Uganda does require most foreign passport holders to have a Visa and this is available as an E. Visa online which you will need to do prior to travel. You will also need a yellow fever certicate issued not less than 10 days prior to travel. If you are planning to travel to more than one country in East Africa - Uganda, Rwanda or Kenya it is possible to get an East Africa Tourist Visa which allows multiple entry between these countries.


Uganda has remained with its International borders closed for travellers to the country - however many of the countries surrounding it like Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania are re-opening so it is possible that Uganda will follow this as tourism is very important to the country.

Overland Safaris

The country has a good network of roads in the Southern and Central parts of the country and a number of border posts that allow access from all its neighbouring countries, however unless you are well experienced at driving around Africa and on dirt roads we would not suggest this a good option to do on your own, however we can arrange safari options with local tour companies that drive guests in 4x4 vehicles between the parks and camps and make sure all goes to plan for you.