Things to Know


International flights arrive at Kilimanjaro and Dar es Salaam both of which are linked well with regional hubs Nairobi and Addis Ababa. The main airlines that come in here are Kenya Airways, Etihad, South African Airways, Emirates and Lufthansa. Air Tanzania has also reopened and starting to expand its reach in the region. Locally there are a number of local plane operators that generally use the Cessna Caravans and they have scheduled flights and links between all the National Parks and Islands

Visa and Yellow Fever

Most passports not from Africa require a Visa to enter Tanzania, For most passports the Visa is available at the port of entry and is a simple process however there are some passports that require the Visa to be done prior to travel so please check before as to what is required. Tanzania is not considered a yellow fever country and so this is not a requirement however I have been asked for this at the airports recently so it is a good idea to have this certificate anyway for travel here.


Tanzania was one of the countries that was very controversial in their response to COVID and for the most part maintained a business as usual approach, however this has now changed. They now require a COVID PCR test done no more than 72hours prior to arrival and a rapid test will also be done in the airport when you arrive which costs US$25.00 per person. For departures there are more testing centres being set up, but currently they all processed in Dar es Salaam but this will change to suit the new attitude to COVID. The only country that iis blocked for entry to Tanzania is India and for travellers that have passed through there within the last 14 days. In camps and hotels the usual COVD protocols of face masks, hand cleaning, social distance where possible and temperature checks are in place and have been for a long time now.


The only Passenger service currently running with reasonable regularity is the Tazara railway which runs from Dar es Salaam right across the country, even cuts through the top of the Selous Game Reserve and continues West into Zambia and ends about 100kms north of Lusaka. I have travelled on this train and yes it works but make sure you have lots of time to spare as the schedule is mostly done by calendar not watch.

Self Drive

It is possible to self drive around Tanzania and you can hire vehicles for this purpose either out of Dar es Salaam or Arusha. If it is your first time to travel around Africa on your own I do reccomend that you hire your vehicle with an accompanying driver as the National Parks and roads are poorly sign posted and it can be difficult to know where you can and cant drive inside the parks.

The Plastic Ban

Tanzania has come up with new legislation which bans the use of single use plastic in the country and this is being policed at the airports when you arrive. What you need to be aware of is they are largely concerned with people arriving with shopping bags either from duty free shops or your supermarket type bag, this will have to be disposed of at the airport - bags or bottles that are clearly for your own use and will be taken home with you, like a zip loc packet with your toileteries is okay. Bottom line is think carefully before bringing pastic to Tanzania.