Things to Know


International flights arrive at Lilongwe from the big regional hubs of Johannesburg, Nairobi and Addis Ababa which would then connect onwards to Europe and further afield.

Current Airlines arriving in Malawi

South African Airways (Via Johannesburg ) – British Airways ( Via Johannesburg ) – Ethiopian Airlines ( Via Addis Ababa )- Kenya Airways ( via Nairobi ) – Emirates ( via Dubai ) – Rwanda Air ( via Kigali )

Visa and Entry Requirements

Most Non African Passport holders will require a Visa for Malawi. For most passport holders you will be able to get a Visa on arrival at tha airport but please check and make sure before you travel and that your passport has enough pages and is valid for at least 6months after travel.


As with many African countries they have few recorded cases of COVID here but it is rising - they have no enforced lockdowns here but the usual measures of face masks, social distancing and hand washing are evident. Their International borders remain closed to foreign tourists it is only trade and returning residents allowed.

Self Drive

It is possible to self drive around Malawi, there is a main road that runs the length of the country from North to South and there are border posts that allow you entry or exit via Mozambique, Tanzania or Zambia. Along these roads there are many people, livestock and cars so travel can be a little complicated at times.There are a number of campsites available in the parks and along Lake Malawi and right up in the North on the Nyika Plateau.