Things to Know


The main airport that visitors arrive at is Nairobi at Jomo Kenyata International Airport. This is the major airport of this region and so many airlines from around the world fly in here. It is then possible to link with other countries regionally quite easily and there is a good domestic network of routes. The domestic flights mostly fly out of Wilson airport which is a one hour drive from Jomo Kenyata International Airport.

Current Airlines arriving in Kenya

Kenya Airways is one of the big airlines of Africa, it has a modern fleet of Africa and flies to many African, European and Asian countries. The USA has also just been added to the network as well. Many of the major International Airlines also fly into Nairobi such as Emirates, Turkish, British Airways, Lufthansa, Ethiopian, Etihad, and Air France so getting to Nairobi is usually quite an easy destination to reach.

Visa and Entry Requirements

It is necessary to purchase your Visa on line prior to travel on their E Visa Portal - Visas at the airport or no longer available. You will also need a PCR Covid Test done a maximum of 96hours prior to arrival and this has to be verified digitally on the Trusted Traveller system. Another requirement is a health surveillance form that you need to download 2and submit 4hours prior to arrival in Kenya. It is also necessary to produce a proof of COVID vaccination certificate.


There is a newly refurbished railway line that links Mombasa the main commercial port with Nairobi and is worth considering if you are looking for a railway journey across Africa to the coastline after your safari. The Railway line cuts right through the middle of the Tsavo National Parks so you do have the possibility of some game viewing as well or you could stop here and enjoy one of the safari camps in this area before continuing to the coast.

Self Drive - Overland Safaris

The country has a good network of roads and a number of border posts that allow access from all its neighbouring countries, vehicle hire is available locally The road network around Kenya is improving and many of the major trunk routes are now all paved multi lane roads. . When you leave these roads things get a little more complicated and you will have to have some off road driving experience. It is also possible for us to arrange an overland safari with safari company that supplies the 4x4 Vehicles and drivers that will take you to the various parks and camps by road.


Kenya has got regularly adjusted Lockdown rules depending on the situation they find themselves in, However tourism for the most part has not been effected and people able to travel by air between the various destinations of Kenya. However as with all countries this is a fluid situation that can change at short notice so important to keep updated and requirements for entry will include a negative COVID test certifcates which you will need to produce at the entry point along with a health surveillance form.