Things to Know


International flights arrive at Gaberone , Kasane and Maun. The main airport that for those going on safari is Maun and this airport has direct flights with Johannesburg and Cape Town. The schedules are much reduced as a result of the COVID situation at present with flights not operating daily but 2 or 3 times a week, this will change as 2021 evolves and I would think we would be back to daily flights from Regional destinations by May or June

Current Airlines arriving in Botswana

At the moment with borders only recently opened the schedules are only being decided on and set up now, so currently you have Air Botswana and Airlink offering flights. Around the safari network there are a number of charter companies that fly you between the camps and this is the most common way of getting guests quickly between the safari areas and camps. The most commonly used planes are the small Cessna 6 and 12 Seat single engined planes.


Botswana has few recorded cases of COVID and has now reopened its borders for International tourists as of the 10th November. Flights are still a bit limited from the main access point of Johannesburg but this will change quite quickly as the airlines work out their strategies. For entry you will require a COVID PCR test done 72hours prior to arrival and you will need to be tested prior to departure as well so we will build this into your safari plans.


There is a domestic rail service that travels from Gaberone up to Francistown and links into Zimbabwe through to Bulawayo. For South Africa it would link through at Mafikeng.

Self Drive

The country has a good network of roads and a number of border posts that allow access from all its neighbouring countries, vehicle hire is available locally and most of these are based in Maun which is the safari capital for Botswana. We can do these arrangements for you as there are a number of different levels of vehicle and equipment that we can advise you on for the type of safari that you are doing. In all of the National Parks there is a network of clean and tidy campsites with varying levels of facilities available. Some are privately run and some by the National Parks department.