Safari Ideas

These are park and area combinations that we feel work well together but we are not fixed to this and can adjust the safari to your specific requirements. Just let us know what you feel seems right and we can discuss and price.

Family Safaris

Family Safaris are always fantastic and this is possible with some nice options in Uganda, however what you must be aware of is that there are strictly enforced age restrictions for Gorilla and Chimp treks of 15 years old so unfortunately it is not possible for younger children to do these paticular activities

Some Safari Ideas

7 Nights

Most guests doing a shorter safari and wanting to focus on the big and small primates would look to combining Mgahinga NP, Bwindi NP and Kibale NP. It is possible to drive between these as well so you get to see some of the countryside as well from ground level.

10 Nights

With more time you can now also include the Savannah parks like Queen Elizabeth and Murchisson Falls NP There are other smaller National Parks as well that can be included. Combining a Gorilla or Chimpanzee trek with a Savannah type safari really highlights the diversity of this incredible country.

12 Nights

Uganda is a land locked country so combining your time in Uganda with one of its neighbours like Rwanda or Kenya is logistically quite easy and further enhances your experience by highlighting the diversity of species and habitats in East Africa. Seeing the migration on the Masai Mara and then trekking for Gorillas and Golden monkeys in Mgahinga and then the diversity of Murchisson Falls and the Budongo forest. will be an incredible experience.