Safari Ideas

These are park and area combinations that we feel work well together but we are not fixed to this and can adjust the safari to your specific requirements. Just let us know what you feel seems right and we can discuss and price.

Family Safaris

Taking a family on safari is an excellent idea and Tanzania has a range of options and accommodation plans to suit. Some of the smaller camps will have options where you can take over the whole camp making it exclusive for your family. This gives you the flexibility to be in or out of camp when it suits everyone or part of the family. Many of the camps also have family rooms which generally accommodate 4 people. Doing a beach and bush safari in Tanzania is a great family holiday option.

Serengeti, Tarangire and Ngorongoro Crater Safari

A great safari that takes you to the key safari experiences of Northern Tanzania. The safari starts in Tarangire National Park, then travels up onto the Higlands and the incredible Ngorongoro Crater where you will have a full day of game viewing inside the crater, you then go out onto the Serengeti in search of the great wildebeest migration, one the most amazing spectacles of nature that you can see any where. A great safari for families, couple or small groups.

Selous, Ruaha and the Beach - 10 nights

The Selous and the Ruaha National Parks are two of Africa's biggest safari areas with incredible diversity of ecosystems and  a staggering array of different animals and birds, each day will be a new adventure and never seem like a repeat of the previous day. Finish this off with two relaxing nights in simplistic luxury on a tropical island with your feet up or snorkeling the coral and rocks - what's not to like?

Serengeti Walking Safari - 6 Nights - July to Oct 2020

This is a unique safari opportunity to explore the Serengeti with experienced guides on foot. You will be able to reach places that are not usually seen by people, as you walk into places that have no roads and not usually reachable.  As you have a few days at the beginning in a more traditional safari camp you will be able to get the usual photographic opportunities that the Serengeti is famous for, then the walking will give you a completely different perspective in this wildlife rich area,  with a more pure and remote safari experience for the adventurer.