Safari Ideas

These are park and area combinations that we feel work well together but we are not fixed to this and can adjust the safari to your specific requirements. Just let us know what you feel seems right and we can discuss and price.

Family Safaris

Taking a family on safari is an excellent idea and Botswana has a range of options and accommodation plans to suit. Some of the smaller camps will have options where you can take over the whole camp making it exclusive for your family. This gives you the flexibility to be in or out of camp when it suits everyone or part of the family. Many of the camps also have family rooms which generally accommodate 4 people.

Private Mobile Camp Safari

A Safari that takes you through all the best safari areas in Botswana;s Northern parks and ending in the Central Kalahari. This section can be adjusted depending on time of year.

Okavango and Makgadikgadi Green Season

When the rains come to this area of Botswana it is my favorite time to see the Okavango Delta and the Kalahari areas. You will enjoy the bush and animals in top condition and lots of excellent sightings, baby animals, birds in breeding plumage and some epic cloud scapes and few other safari vehicles.  Even if it does rain during your safari it is often reasonably isolated and for short periods so it is very rare that you wont be able to go out on your safari activities and if anything a little bit of rain enhances the whole experience.

Wet Season Moremi and Kalahari Safari with Doug Macdonald

A wet season safari that will be done as a mobile camp in two different areas of Moremi NP and the Okavango Delta and then going into the Central Kalahari area for a further 3 nights to enjoy a completely different environment and species.

Savuti and Okavango Delta - 9 Nights

This is a great safari using quality safari camps in quality areas and works just as well in the wet season or dry season. For a family safari plan this safari is a great idea and will have enough different types of activities with excellent wildlife and some family specific activities at these camps is available.