Parks and Places

Republic of Congo is a country often confused with the DRC. The Republic of Congo is a much smaller country North of the Congo River and has some of the most beautiful and pristine jungle areas of Africa teeming with life in all shapes and forms. For a genuine jungle experience this is great place to go.

Nouabale - Ndoki National Park

Up in the North of the country is this incredible area of pristine Congo Basin Jungle and part of the greater Tri Sangha National Forest which joins the forested areas of 3 countries Cameroon, Central African Republic and Republic of Congo, this makes it one of the biggest in tact forest eco-systems in the Congo Basin. There are no roads here so access is only by the Sangha River on a long boat journey from Ouesso through the jungle - an amazing experience. At this time there is no tourism happenning here but they are creating accomodation facilities for tourists and I fully reccomend a visit here - the most remote I have ever felt in Africa.

Odzala - Kokoua National Park

This is the main park that has a regular tourism package and another of African Parks successful projects. It is possible to drive and fly in here on charter plane and all part of the package to visit this park which sits on the periphery of the jungle which makes it an excellent place to visit as you can get a range of different experiences being in the jungle and on the dges of it so you get a really good variety of animals and plants and birds here. Including Western Lowland Gorilla, Forest Buffalo, Forest Elephant, Bongo, Swamp Otter, Sitatunga to name a few.


This is the Capital City of Congo - situated on the banks of the massive Congo River and where you would be able to fly in and out of. The Congo River is very wide here, about 3kms, and the opposite bank is Kinshasha the capital of the DRC. The city is quite orderly and clean and I have even been walking around here exploring and had no problems. Highlights here would be the De Brazza Mausoleum built recently to commemorate the Italian explorer credited for opening up this part of Congo. There are also some nice restaurants on the banks of the River where you can watch the day to day lives of the Congolese and see this incredible River in full flow over the rapids.