Doug Macdonald’s Safaris to Africa

Safaris in 2019

These Safaris are here to give you some ideas on what is possible but certainly not your only option and can be used as a good starting point to discuss your safari plans.

For more information about the Safaris in 2019 and availability, contact Doug and his team on the contact details provided.

Pure Mana Pools with Doug Macdonald

3 Different Camps and Areas within Mana Pools, each of these areas have a very different feel to them so it will be like being in three different National Parks.

Hwange East and West

Two excellent safari areas in great camps, that will give you the opportunity to see all of your classic African animals. If you have the time this safari can easily be added to either with Botswana or other Zimbabwean destinations.

Gona re Zhou with Doug Macdonald

This is one of my favourite parks in Zimbabwe – you will enjoy here the diversity of species, the stunning scenery and remoteness.

Zakouma National Park with Doug Macdonald – 24 March to 1 April 2019

This is a set date safari and we have few places left for this amazing safari that is the new hot spot for experienced safari goers to Africa. An incredible destination that you will want to go back to.

Sangha Lodge – Dzanga Sangha National Park Central African Rebublic – 12th to 19th April 2020

This is a set date safari to go and see some of the most pristine African Tropical Rain forest with the added bonus of seeing Gorillas, Mangabeys, Forest Elephants and Bongo. An incredible jungle experience.

Private Mobile Safari to Botswana

This safari is for a small party or family and can be tailor-made to the time of year, number of available days and what your specific interest are.

Hwange Remote and Mobile

This safari takes you to three different areas of Hwange all in different habitats and settings. Probably the most complete coverage you can get on this huge National Park.