Where to go

There are many countries in Africa that offer a Safari experience, but each country will have something unique to offer

Planning Your First Safari

There are a number of different safari experiences and types of camps that can be enjoyed during a safari to Africa, these are important to understand before trying to find the safari that fits you.

Before you go

This will give you some ideas and information on what to consider and pack before setting off on your safari to Africa.

South Africa - Re-Open planned for September

The South African Tourism Industry is planning for a full re-open for 1 September 2020. We are receiving many updates from camps on how they individually plan to operate taking into account Covid 19. Most camps are going to work around reduced numbers in safari vehicles, extra cleaning and hygiene protocols around camps and testing for staff. This I am sure will be the standard followed by most countries in Africa.

Conservation Safaris - Making a Difference

This is our new initiative to partner with the Ivan Carter Foundation for various hands on conservation safaris that we have access to around Africa. This means by participating in these safaris you will not only be a donor but be hands on in the field during the project, this could be de-horning a rhino, putting a collar on a giraffe, or relocating a herd of elephants. An amazing opportunity for a very unique and rewarding wildlife experience. We will be posting full details of what opportunities are available to participate in.

Tanzania set to re-open for safaris

Tourism world wide has been hit hard by the current Covid situation and all countries are trying to figure out how to get tourism going again which is so important to many people and eco systems. Tanzania is first in Africa to reopen their borders and airlines have shown a willingness to support this with Swissair - Turkish - Emirates - Kenyan and Air Tanzania ready to fly from early July. The camps are adjusting the way they operate to give guests as much peace of mind as possible that they will be safe there from Covid 19. So if you have cabin fever and looking for a quick break to a premier safari country with probably not too many other people around this is a fantastic opportunity.

Gonarezhou Mobile Safaris with Doug Macdonald

We now proud to be able to offer our own mobile tented camps and also using the semi permanent " Mananga Camps " in Gonarezhou National Park. This is an incredibly diverse National Park and part of one the largest protected environmentally protected areas in Africa.A very memorable all in one safari destination

Zakouma National Park with Doug Macdonald

I will be conducting set date safaris to Zakouma again for next year - Feb and March 2021. There is an additional new private tented camp that is being built there for next season. Each group is 6 guests so please get in touch if you would like to see this amazing environment with so much variety and volume of everything.

“Every safari will always have its own special sighting or scene that makes each safari unique to you”

Doug Macdonald